Hi, I’m Rosemary!

I love creating a truly original boost of WOW for hospitality, healthcare, corporate and public spaces.

Most of my work is wall sculpture and/or installation art… why have a flat two dimensional work when your client space could have a WOW of 3-d sculptural art customized specially for them — at the same price as flat works… why not give your clients MORE with truly original custom work!  :-)

Here is some information that may be helpful and reasons why to choose my work…


I will always give you the very best wholesale/net pricing I can to stretch your client budget for the maximum wow we can make with the budget parameters.  It’s very helpful when I have a range to know what we are working with and then can make suggestions and give options of various ways we could best stretch it.   I always give net pricing and then leave it up to you what you charge your client as a retail price – generally my net pricing is 50% off retail – but again I let you make that call appropriate to your business practices.  We never include any pricing information in the packaging of the artwork.  Also we can provide you with a proposal of photos/options/sizes/etc. and provide the pricing on a separate page at your request if you prefer to present the work without the net pricing revealed.

Lead Times:

Lead times depend of course on the complexity of a project – from a one work pretty standard piece which could be as quickly as 2 weeks, or large-scale installation projects that could require 6-12 weeks depending on complexity and specifics.

Project Variety/Project Sizes:

I am always happy to work on an individual one unique piece for over a sofa in a waiting room for example —or create a truly original statement with a full installation project —up to extra-large scale (no project is too big).   We also have the capacity to work in volume —we created over 100 original wall sculptures for over the bed in suites for the largest luxury cruise ship in the world.   We can deal with all size projects, both simple, large-scale, and volume.

Site-Specific and Customized:

Since I create everything site-specific, all of my work can be customized completely for your client — no additional charges, for size, quantity, colors, etc etc… that’s what I do.  :-)  And it means you can assure that your client gets unique and fantastic artwork that really fits best for their space.  We also work with branding concepts as well.  For example we created a huge 12 foot sculpture comprised of 265 pieces to create a brand trademark shape of glasses for multiple offices of one of the largest international app companies.

Working with Budgets:

Also keep in mind that you might see an example of something that is out of the client budget range but again with an idea of what range we need to be in I can suggest adjustments in size of the piece, density of pieces, and such.  I am very good at stretching budgets and making the most significant statement possible.​

Diverse Portfolio:

I have a large variety of portfolio examples that demonstrate my versatility in creating truly unique and different works constantly  —I love a challenge… :-)… so its not unusual I am contact with a conceptual idea – maybe some kind of inspiration photo of something – or just an idea – that is totally different from anything I have previously created – but I can take that and come up with a customized project that your client will love!   That is one of the things that makes me a bit more unique than most artists… I don’t just say here is what I have and pick from it… but I am always open to conceptual ideas and developing new works.   You can scroll through lots of projects quickly on my portfolio page.

Our Business:

The other thing you may find unique about me is that I am very business based. I was successful in business as an entrepreneur for years before I decided in 2008 to drop it all and do what I really love — make my art and go big — and make it a real business — and thankfully applying my business acumen and my creativity worked!  :-)    So this is not only my livelihood and my complete focus, but I also run it like a quality business so you can count on us for being able to work with timelines, budgets, collaborating, working together as a team, and ultimately making it happen!

In addition to myself this is also the full-time focus for my husband who retired from law a few years back to instead cut and sand wood HA. He is in charge of production prep and shipping as well as being the installation guru/engineer :-) Also my daughter who joined on full time a few years ago after graduating from college with a degree in marketing and communications.  So we have a team that is really on top of it here!

We live and work in a “barndominium” we renovated and outfitted to be a live-in facility with an over 4,500 square foot studio.   This is what we do from early until late every day – with joy!
If you would like to connect on the phone and chat, that would be great, just let me know a good time and I am happy to give you a call.

Looking forward to working with you!

:-) Rosemary