An Innovative Experience

‘Innovation in Full Bloom’ is an original, custom created, permanent modern art installation created specifically for Boston Consulting Group. The artwork is meant to not only be viewed, but to be fully experienced. As you walk from the far left to straight in the front, to the right, back to left… you see the colors and dimensions change and expand as you move. The intention it to inspire joy in innovation and fresh perspective.

Commissioned By Rich Lesser

Rich Lesser, Global Chair, asked Rosemary to use her artistic expression to capture the essence at the core of Boston Consulting Group through a one of a kind, signature statement work in appreciation of BCG, its leaders, and its people.

Artistic Process

“My process is unique as I create completely intuitively and conceptually. There were no computer renderings, sketches, or mocks of this work. Instead I create by hand, eye, and heart. I start by tuning into the feeling for a work, then the vision comes to my mind. The challenge is in flowings what I can feel and see into a three-dimensional physical reality on the wall. What you see here is that vision brought to life and my intention was to capture the true essence of BCG through the expression of my spirit and to hopefully bring a boost of joy and inspiration to those who experience it.”

About Rosemary Pierce

Rosemary Pierce is a world renowned, internationally collected, prolific modern artist specializing in large, multi-dimensional art installations. She stands out for her breathtaking signature use of shape, dimensions, color, and emotion.

Her passion is to inspire and share joy through uplifting art experiences that anyone can connect to instantly. Each work is created intuitively by hand, then shipped and installed all over the world. When Rosemary installs on-site herself, the creation continues until her vision is complete.

Learn more about Rosemary and her work here.