Over the years I’ve had the honor of creating many pieces of original healthcare art for various facilities around the country. There’s something very special about getting the chance to add some color and excitement to these spaces!

Custom Healthcare Art | Original Abstract Art | Hospital Waiting Room Artwork

A wonderful benefit of implementing many pieces of shape and color in my sculptures is that it can be meaningful and intriguing to people of all ages and backgrounds. The meaning and mission is articulated through an unspoken feeling from experiencing the art. I love to create art that invites curiosity and a connection to the uplifting tone of the composition.

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3-d contemporary art | wall sculpture | Original corporate art | rosemary pierce modern artWood Wall Sculpture | Custom Healthcare Artwork | Corporate Wall ArtModern waiting room art | Original Healthcare Art | Custom Corporate Art | Rosemary PierceAll sculptures are custom commissioned and can be made in any size and color scheme.

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