An abstract corporate wall art installation

AppAnnie is one of the most premier app consulting firms in the world. ‘Envision’ was created for the company’s home office in San Francisco and consists of 167 individual circles of various sizes, painted in the brand’s color scheme then arranged in the shape of “Annie’s” glasses. The wall sculpture was 12 feet when finally assembled.


The most challenging part was putting together the puzzle that was each individual piece into the logo shape. Therefore, the circles were first permanently secured in place across 7 panels to allow for an easy install once in the space.

Behind the Scenes with rosemary pierce modern art

rosemary pierce modern art / creating a custom wall sculpture

custom corporate wall art in the making by rosemary pierce

custom abstract wall sculpture by rosemary pierce

large custom abstract wall sculpture / rosemary pierce

a second custom corporate sculpture for AppAnnie’s New York office is coming soon!