‘Festival of Colours’ is a custom art installation consisting of 250 individual, 6 inch wood circles, covered in layers of complex color. The piece is part of the Lyrical Circles series and was created for a permanent private collection in Dallas, Texas.

“The piece is my abstract interpretation of the joy and celebration of vibrant living. Throughout all time, the circle has been a symbol of the sacred, of good fortune, and everlasting love. The colors in this piece encompass diverse blends and combinations representing dynamics of family and friends…. welcoming all who gather here”.

Colorful Abstract Wood Wall Art | Rosemary Pierce Modern Art

It took a 30 foot ladder to make it happen, as well as the help of one amazing husband/partner, and a crazy vision from my head executed into a reality. It was a great and exciting challenge and I’m so happy they love the final product. It was a pleasure creating and installing a custom piece that would become part of their gorgeous home.


Rosemary Pierce Modern Art | Custom Sculpture

rosemary pierce modern art | custom abstract art festival-of-colours-private-art-installation-large-wood-wall-sculpture-6

rosemary pierce modern art | custom wood wall sculpture | blog

custom abstract wall sculpture | rosemary pierce modern art | behind the scenes | blog

Custom wood wall sculpture | rosemary pierce modern art | art blog

This piece of custom wall art has been made in various shapes and sizes. Shop the Lyrical Circles collection here.