custom wood wall sculpture by rosemary pierce modern art

Solidarity – “a group standing together collectively in unison.” This series is all about pieces working together for a collective message; a group standing in unity.

This particular version is a custom artwork, commissioned for a private collection in La Jolla, California.

The process starts with carefully measuring and cutting the wood before painting each panel individually with a rich blend of color. Each variance of color is slowly layered on, which results in a lot of depth and detail in the final colors. A subtle splatter technique using black paint is also often used, which allows the colors to stand out with even more saturation and vibrancy. Each panel is made complete with a thick gloss lacquer glaze. The end result is a bright, energetic wall sculpture with a lot of complexity and depth.

custom wood wall sculpture in the making

Rosemary Pierce painted a large, custom wood wall sculpture

Rosemary Pierce painted a large wood wall sculpture

Rosemary Pierce painting large wood panels for a wood wall sculpture

rosemary pierce modern wood wall sculpture

custom wood wall sculpture

colorful wood wall sculpture by rosemary pierce modern art

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